Upgrade your bed with the best SonoBed options.

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Ergo Rails

Safety Side Rails

Central Lock Casters

Ultra Low Column

IV Pole

Foot Control

Head Rail

  • Ergo Rails™

    Side rails that lock under the bed frame when not in use and allow sonographers free obstruction for knees while scanning.

  • Safety Side Rails

    Side rails slide down when not in use and are removable. Please note, side bracket always stays in place, not ergonomically recommended.

  • Central Lock Casters

    One pedal locks all 4 casters at once. Steering wheel locks into place with pedal, ideal for patient transport.

  • Ultra Low Column

    Electric height adjustment that lowers to 20" (wheelchair transfer height) and raises to 36".

  • IV Pole

  • Foot Control

    Put any electric function on a foot control.

  • Head Rail

    Best selling option for 5 years! The head rail gives the patient a place to hold onto while enter/exiting the bed. Great for patients who can move independently and can roll over unassisted. Best part is – it keeps the pillow on the bed!