Upgrade your bed with the best SonoBed options.

SonoBed Models

Power Foot Panel

Hidden Stirrups

Electric Trendelenburg

  • Power Foot Panel

    Raise and lower the foot panel to any increment using the supplied hand control and/or optional foot control. The Power Foot Panel is a must when doing pelvic scanning.

    The patient can bear their weight onto the section while getting into the stirrups. The sonographer can set the panel where they may rest their arm during the exam. Ergonomically the best option we offer for pelvic studies.

  • Hidden Stirrups

    SonoBed stirrups are retracted and hidden when not in use. They never leave the bed frame and have no parts to assemble. Pull out to use, fold and slide in – fast and convenient.

  • Electric Trendelenburg +/- 15⁰

    Perfect tilt for the pelvic exam. Smooth electric feature using the supplied hand control allows for sonographer to tilt the patient back during the exam.

  • Power Wedge Section

    The Power Wedge Section is ideal for breast imaging. The section raises and lowers to any increment and creates the proper position for any size breast. Obtain the image faster with patient supported and comfortable resting against the built-in wedge.