Phoenix Chair™ - RISE from the Ashes of Exam Injury

The Phoenix arm support system revolutionizes your daily work as a Sonographer, reducing stress and adding productivity and efficiency.

With Sonographer injury rates above 80%, Phoenix helps increase arm stamina reduces stress and fatigue, and allows the Sonographer to accomplish more work in less time. Phoenix is an arm-supporting device that attaches to almost any chair in a one or two arm configuration. It’s easy to use and in minutes you’ll learn how to enjoy its benefits.

Sonographers rest their forearms on ergonomically designed, pads and adjust a tension control knob to dial in the perfect custom setting to fit individual body sizes. Shoulders and arms are effectively weightless, fully supported allowing free range of motion. Begin enjoying the benefits of the Ergonomically Designed Phoenix support system today.

Three-quarter view rendering of the Phoenix ARM
Front view rendering of the Phoenix ARM
Close-up view rendering of the Phoenix ARM