Central Lock Casters

Bed position can be locked with one easy motion from any corner of the bed and also allows for easy steering.
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Ultra-Low Column

The Ultra-Low Column allows the bed to descend to a 19-inch wheelchair-transfer height making it easier for the patient to climb on and off the bed.
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Reverse Trendelenburg

The reverse Trendelenburg option is an electrically powered way to change the incline of the bed plus or minus 15º.

Power Drop Section

The power drop section allows for the drop section to be opened and closed electronically using the hand or foot control.
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Power Wedge Section

The power wedge section allows for electronic positioning of the patient in any angle of the left lateral decubitus position.
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Safety Side Rails

The removable safety side rail is vertically adjustable.

Ergo Side Rails

Powder coated ergo-rails swing out of the way and do not add width to the bed.
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Upholstered Side Rails

Padded & upholstered rails blend with the bed top and maximize Sonographer patient access.

IV Pole

This bed can be equipped with a removable, base-mounted IV pole.

Upholstered Arm Rests

Armrests offer additional comfort and ease in positioning the arms of the patient.

Standard Headrail

The basic head rail design is permanently installed and secures the top end of the bed.

Wrap-Around Headrail

The permanently installed wrap-around grab rail offers something to hold while entering/exiting the bed.


The footboard adds additional stability when utilizing Trendelenburg options of this bed.

Paper Roll

A spring-loaded paper roll holds standard-sized paper rolls.

Foot Controller

A foot activated remote keeps the Sonographer’s hands free during the examination.

Colors Available

Choose from these vibrant SonoBed upholstery colors for no extra charge. Standard Color: Light Grey. (Model shown is Cardiac 2000)

Sonobed color swatch - Flint (standard color)
Sonobed color swatch - Black
Sonobed color swatch - Blue
Sonobed color swatch - Burgundy
Sonobed color swatch - Pecan
Sonobed color swatch - Crimson
Sonobed color swatch - Carmel
Sonobed color swatch - Paprika
Sonobed color swatch - Emerald Green
Sonobed color swatch - Earth
Sonobed color swatch - Prairie Tan
Sonobed color swatch - Seashell