Parts Terms and Conditions

Heritage Medical Products Inc.
Terms and Conditions 2020

Product Description and Pricing

Quotes for parts with the part name, number and price are strongly encouraged to receive before purchasing a part. Providing HMP with the exam bed serial number or part number will help ensure the correct part is purchased.

Purchase Order Requirements

At the time of purchase HMP must receive a physical copy of the purchase order before processing the order. The purchase order must have the following: the name of the facility purchasing, bill to address, ship to address, purchase order number, correct total-matching the quote previously provided including shipping unless third party is stated on the purchase order.

Shipping Services

HMP will use prepay and add shipping on all orders unless stated otherwise on the purchase order. HMP uses UPS and FedEx as the primary shipping methods. Ground, 2nd Day and Overnight are all available shipping options. Please state on the purchase order the delivery method you prefer for the order. Tracking for the shipment will be provided via email to all parties involved once the order has shipped.

Third Party Shipping

HMP will use third party shipping accounts if the account information is provided on the purchase order.

Payment Terms

The complete balance is due within 30 days of receiving the product. Payment completed before the 30 days will not be met with a discount. If Buyer refuses to give the payment HMP has the right to refuse further purchase orders and to refuse deliver for any undelivered goods. Buyer shall immediately become liable to HMP for the unpaid price of all goods delivered. Buyer agrees to pay cost of collection of overdue invoices, including reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by HMP in collecting said sums.

New Customers

HMP requires all new customers pay for the part(s) before it is shipped out. Credit card payment, direct deposit and checks are accepted.


HMP is not responsible for the wrong part purchased due to a lack of communication. HMP will accept returns within 30 days of delivery if the part does not fix the issue the customer was experiencing. The buyer is responsible for paying the return shipping. If the customer returns the part for any other reason, there will be a 10% restocking fee invoiced to the facility at the time of the return. Requests for RMA numbers can be made to