Terms and Conditions

Heritage Medical Products Inc.
Terms and Conditions 2020

Product Description and Pricing

The price quote provides the product model name, features and available options along with pricing for each.  It is the customer’s responsibility to choose the proper bed model for their modality of ultrasound.  Should they choose the wrong model/options – they may exchange the product for the correct model by paying the shipping back to the HMP facility of the wrong model and the difference and shipping of the correct bed model. An additional restock fee of 10 percent of the total will be applied for the wrong model ordered. It is very import that each person involved in obtaining quotes understand what area of ultrasound this exam bed will be used for and communicate with each other before the order is placed. HMP is not responsible for wrong bed models being ordered due to the lack of communication.

Purchase Order Requirements

HMP, Inc. requires a purchase order be placed before an order can be processed and manufacturing can begin. The purchase order must have the following: the name of the facility purchasing, bill to address, ship to address, purchase order number, date, correct total-matching the quote previously provided including shipping unless third party is stated on purchase order. Call for shipping pricing before turning in the purchase order as shipping prices previously on the quote are only good for 10 days.

Rush Orders Inside 4 Weeks

If your facility needs a rush order to meet a deadline, HMP must be advised of said deadline in advanced to have time to accommodate upholstery fabric colors aside from the standard flint gray fabric color. If HMP is not advised of the deadline prior to six weeks of the deadline- the standard flint gray upholstery is the only color available and no customization can be applied to the exam bed- no width or length increase or decrease. Additionally, discounts that have previously been given will be rescinded due to the manpower to get the bed manufactured on time.

Payments Terms

The complete balance is due within 30 days of receiving the product. Payment completed before the 30 days will not be met with a discount unless contracted otherwise.

New Customer Payment Terms

HMP requires new clients to pay 50% down at the time the order is placed. The remaining 50% is to be paid before the beds can be shipped out. Credit card payment, direct deposit and checks are accepted. Note: credit card payments have an added 2.5% fee to the invoice total-no exceptions.

Freight & Additional Freight Services, Including Receiving

The quote gives the dock to dock shipping fee in which HMP will arrange the freight and bill to the client.  If the client has requested additional shipping services, such as lift gate and/or inside delivery, White Glove Service – the price for those services will be listed as well along with their fees.   If the client chooses to use their own freight services, the quote will state Ship 3rd Party on the quote next to ‘Ship Dock to Dock’.  When shipping 3rd party the customer is responsible to supply HMP with the bill of lading at the time of shipping.

Storage Fee

Once the exam bed order is placed our manufacturing time frame is four to six weeks. Should changes occur on the receiver’s end and your facility is not ready to receive the bed, charges will be applied in the amount of $25 every additional week we store the bed at our warehouse.


As stated above, the product will be delivery via a freight company determined by HMP unless the customer is using their own freight company – therefore HMP will bill the shipping/delivery 3rd party on the quote and the invoice.  This will be decided before the PO is issued and listed in detail on the quote.  Clients have the right to choose how the product will arrive, either by HMP arranging and billing for the shipment or the client arranging the shipment – and HMP billing 3rd party on the bill of lading.  The bill of lading is then supplied to HMP at the time of shipping. We suggest everyone who will be involved receiving the exam bed obtains a copy of the HMP Receiving Guide that is sent out when the order is placed. This is so they may understand their responsibility if the crate arrives damaged.  We ask for you to have a receiving plan in place before the bed ships out to aid in the delivery process.

Third Party Shipping

If the client chooses 3rd Party Shipping, it is their responsibility to provide the Bill of Lading to HMP at the time of shipping.

Payment of Taxes

HMP does not collect state tax.


The product offers a two-year warranty excluding hand controls and upholstery.  The client may choose to purchase a five-year warranty at the time of purchase.